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Edition A- Grade I Water Distribution Operator Certification Review Practice Exam (WD-507)

Grade I. Edition B is the most current edition for Grades ...


Grade I-II Revised WD Certification Review Workbook (WD-52)

Booklet to help prepare for certification exam.


Distribution System Pipeline Improvement Project (WD-112)

Workbook contain typical distribution pipeline construction ...


Waterworks Corrosion (WD-95)

Designed for water system operators to help address the ...


Competent Person (WD-91)

Provides basic training for anyone with responsibility of ...


Grade 5 Water Distribution Math Tutoring Review Book (WD-82)

Grade 5 operators can use this manual to prepare for state ...


Water Sources, Quality Parameters (WD-76)

This condensed, useful workbook contains 150 pages.


Maps, Record Keeping, Safety Overview, Vulnerability, & Emergency Preparedness (WD-80)

This is a one (1) day workshop manual. Includes chapter ...


Basic Practical Hydraulics (WD-73)

Basic introduction to hydraulics for water distribution ...


Pump Motor Controls (WD-72)

A companion book to Pumps & Motors and Basic Electricity.


Mechanical Tech & Equipment Maintenance (WD-71)

One of the many mechanical technology workbooks. 9 chapters.


Intro to SCADA (WD-70)

First workbook in the series.


Water Distribution Grade III-IV Math (WD-68)

Advanced distribution operator math for grades 3 and 4. ...


Basic Electricity for Water Distribution Operators (WD-61)

Newly written classroom workbook. Chapter quizzes.