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Math Pie Wheel for WASTEWATER

The new math pie wheel is designed to help every grade ...


Math Pie Wheel for WATER

The new math pie wheel is designed to help every grade ...


Mathematics for Collection System Operators

All grades. 16 chapters, workshop manual.


Mathematics for Grades 3,4,5 (WW-48)

Journeyman level and senior level WTPO. Assorted problems ...


Mathematics for Wastewater Plant Operators (WW-27)

Features 18 chapters of new wastewater math problems.


Mechanical Tech & Equipment Maintenance (WD-71)

One of the many mechanical technology workbooks. 9 chapters.


Microbiology - Sanitary Microbiology for Wastewater Operators (WW-38)

Workshop Outline. This workbook contains a total of 11 ...


Municipal Water Filtration (W-81)

Designed for municipal filtration operators.


Poster #1

Common protozoa and metazoa in activated sludge plants.


Poster #2

filamentous bacteria is activated sludge plants. ...


Practice Questions: Fresh Water Plant Op, All Grades (W-10)

The 3rd Edition contains almost 1,500 questions.


Pump Motor Controls (WD-72)

A companion book to Pumps & Motors and Basic Electricity.


Pumps & Motors (WD-02)

Written in outline form, workshop manual.


Rep. Range of Knowledge Self Rev. Booklet, Grade 1-2 Water Plant Operators (W-36)

Quick review booklet for grades 1-2 water plant operators. ...


Sampling Procedures/Safe Drinking Water Act (WD-51)

Outlines mandated procedures for properly collecting ...


Secondary Wastewater Process (WW-105)

This newly written workbook. Quiz questions are featured at ...


Small Wastewater Systems (WW-89)

Comprehensive workbook to address design, construction and ...


Small Water System Math Workbook (W-74)

This manual material especially for small water systems who ...


Small Water Systems (W-44)

Workshop manual intended for those who design and maintain ...


Standard Parameters & Glossary Terms (WW-13)

This heavily revised workbook contains basic wastewater ...