Grades 3,4,5 Wastewater Essay Questions (WW-107)

This is a newly published. Grades 3-4-5 can prepare for the California wastewater examination.



This newly written workbook is designed to provide wastewater operators with preparation questions and answers that will prepare them to respond to either State, or ABC, essay format question. The workbook provides 14 chapters of wastewater essay questions rewritten in multiple choice format. An answer key is provided at the end of every chapter to assist in your self-study effort. The chapters include: a revised glossary, plant discharge, ammonia-nitrogen - NPDES permit limits, plant energy conservation efforts, preliminary treatment, primary clarification, ponds and lagoons, trickling filters -  secondary treatment processes, activated sludge - secondary treatment processes, oxidation ditches, disinfection and discharge, ultra violet disinfection, and laboratory.