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C٠T Calculations Booklet, All Grades (W/WD 46)

Booklet written in workshop format, designed to aide water ...


Competent Person (WD-91)

Provides basic training for anyone with responsibility of ...


Common Conversion Factors Laminated Wallet Card

Convenient laminated wallet card has common conversion ...


Collection System Certification Review for Wastewater Collection

Grades 1-3. Reviewing system components. One day workshop ...


Collection Package (COL-119)

Buy all 3 books, save $22.00 Pumps and Pumping ...


Chloramination Water Disinfection (W-79)

Written in outline form covers the subject of ...


Chemical Feed Pumps (W-97)

Chemical feed workbook contains 8 chapters designed to ...


Ca. Health & Safety Code/Water Code Title 22 (STATE-400)

Absolute must for California grade 3-4 water plant and ...


Basic Water Mathematics (W/WD-43)

Easy to read math workbook featuring step-by-step math and ...


Basic Practical Hydraulics (WD-73)

Basic introduction to hydraulics for water distribution ...


Basic OIT Wastewater Package (WW-122)

Buy all 3 books and save $16.00! Wastewater Math Made ...


Basic OIT Package (W-121)

Buy all 3 books and save $13.00! A Representative Range ...


Basic Microbiology for Water Treatment Operators (W-62)

Manual written as workshop course of study for Water System ...


Basic Electricity for Water Distribution Operators (WD-61)

Newly written classroom workbook. Chapter quizzes.


Basic Chemistry for Water/Wastewater Operators (W-60)

Includes the structure and classifications of matter.


Advanced Water Package (W-120)

Buy all 3 books, save $21.00! Water Treatment Review ...


Adv. Math for Grade 3-4 Operators (W-28)

Advanced problems for Senior Operator Candidates.


Adv. Hydraulics for W & WW Operators (WD-55)

Study of fluid mechanics applied in water and wastewater ...


Activated Sludge Process (WW-32)

Process manual covering process fundamentals, ...