OCT Academy provides on-site classes offering nationally recognized CEU (IACET) credits. A Professional Services Contract with your organization can be for periods of one (1) to five (5) years in the following skill areas:


Water / Wastewater Categories:
a) Water Treatment
b) Water distribution
c) Wastewater treatment
d) Collection Systems
e) Supervisor – management
f) Regulatory Issues (State & Federal)


Classroom learning categories:
The faculty can provide three (3) categories of class programs:
a) Classes for an unskilled labor pool,
b) Classes for intermediate skilled labor staffs, and
c) State operator certification courses, and classes.


Domestic Locations:
Anywhere in the USA.
Contact Customer Service: 1 + (866) 266 – 0028


U.S. Military:
Anywhere USA and Overseas, contact
Kerri Morgan: 1 + (866) 266 – 0028


Foreign Assignments:
Contact School Director: 1 + (800) 886 – 9717


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